Stack-It Storage, Inc. (the “Company”) is a small, public company located in Houston, Texas, which is currently involved in the self-storage business.  Previously, the Company operated in the oil and gas business under different names.  The Company’s common stock is quoted on the OTC Pink Market under the symbol “STAK.”  The transfer agent for the Company’s common stock is First American Stock Transfer.  The telephone number of the stock transfer agent is (602) 485-1346.  

In October 2015, a subsidiary of the Company acquired a fully operational 22,000 square foot self-storage facility located in Huffman, Texas, for a purchase price of $1,500,000.  In July 2016, the Company transferred 100% of the ownership of this subsidiary to its subordinated debt holders, in exchange for forgiveness by the holders of the full amount of principal and accrued interest applicable to their debt.  As a result of the note exchange agreement, the Company no longer has any operating assets or any long-term debt on its consolidated balance sheet.  Ultimately, the Company expects to seek a merger or other type of transaction with another company.

Meanwhile, the Company continues to have limited involvement with the Huffman self-storage facility by virtue of performing certain management functions as well as by facilitating the electronic payment of monthly storage rentals by customers of the Huffman self-storage facility via this website.

Shown below is the contact information for the Company:

D. Hughes Watler, Jr. 
Stack-It Storage, Inc. 
11011 Richmond Avenue, Suite 525 
Houston, Texas 77042 
(713) 479-7050